LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2022 / Go Figure Coaching, a coaching business that helps high-achievers address food and alcohol issues. The founder, Vicky Midwood, announced her very successful and well-received coaching method to eliminate alcohol and food addiction. The team at Authority Sharks had a chance to interview her about this new methodology.

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Go Figure Coaching is a Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle company founded in 2010. Since then, it has become a haven for people with food and alcohol issues. Through her coaching business, she has helped many professionals, business owners, and successful therapists achieve freedom from self-sabotage with food and alcohol.

Vicky Midwood is a Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach whose passion is helping smart, driven, successful and intelligent men and women let go of bulimia, binge eating, emotional eating, drinking, guilt, anxiety, and shame this way of life creates daily. Unlike addiction therapists, she doesn’t just focus on the emotional and mental side of issues with food and alcohol but also on biochemistry, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, hormones, epigenetics, and the gut-brain connection that is affected by the food and drink we consume.

The secret method that Vicky uses to change the lives of her clients is The BLAST Method. It embodies the principles of the ART Change (Awareness, Responsibility, Taking Timely Appropriate Action) and allows for a complete release from the compulsion to use food and drink to reward, numb out, or self-soothe.

Unhelpful labels like ‘Alcoholic’ or ‘food addict’ have led to so much stigma, stereotyping and judgment around difficulties with binge eating, emotional eating, weight problems, and alcohol, that smart, intelligent people feel too embarrassed to ask for help. “

Many people do not understand that they are not mentally ill, broken, or weak-willed if they feel compulsive and out of control around food and drink. It’s just a symptom of underlying issues that very often stem from a Neurophysiological or Biochemical root as well as an emotional one.

She went on to explain, “Many business owners who offer a service, for example, accountants, solicitors, therapists and professionals in the area of ​​health and wellbeing are so focused on looking after their clients first and foremost, that they forget to look after themselves! As a result, they are unknowingly and unconsciously sabotaging their own health by reaching for convenient food and using alcohol to reward themselves, relax and unwind or just ‘switch off’ from thinking about their client’s problems. “

The BLAST Method to freedom helps them break the cycle of grabbing food for energy that’s easy and quick, or not eating at all throughout the day because they ‘don’t have time’ or are making up for the excesses of the day before, then ending up overeating, or non-stop picking in the evenings, not realizing the foods they gravitate towards create cravings, low energy, and hormone imbalances.

Understanding nutrients and how they affect one’s brain and body the foundations of optimal health. In addition, the food and mood and gut brain-brain connection are key to having freedom from the binge eating and drinking cycle.

Her BLAST method looks at Beliefs, Boundaries, Language, and Letting Go of the thinking and habits that no longer serve. The method helps people create different Attitudes to food and managing life and encourages them to Allow curiosity and compassion, practice Self-care, and release the Trauma of the past.

The pandemic increased anxiety and the use of food and alcohol to get through the day, as a way of dealing with the uncertainty and fear of the unknown, was huge for so many people.

You may have been one of them!

Now, society is heading back to some sort of normality; many people have found they are stuck in the patterns they created in lockdown, even though the uncertainty is drastically diminished. Yet they don’t seek help, so the team asked Vicky what stops people from seeking the help they really need?

She shared the 4 MAIN THING’s that stop people from getting help:

Firstly, the BELIEF that they ‘should’ be able to sort themselves out should know what to do. After all, they are educated, intelligent and successful in other areas of their lives and outwardly have all their sh * t together!

Secondly, it’s FEAR of WHO will they BE and how will they live without their daily ‘fix’? (They live up to their current identity, and freedom requires creating a new one!)

Thirdly, Judgment from friends and family, what will others say or think if I have to get help?

Finally, a powerful story that maybe there is something seriously wrong with them, or that they may not succeed in getting free of their habits, so better not to try than be a failure, right?

She went on to explain: “These thoughts and beliefs are the first things I address when people have leaped to book an initial consultation, everyone I work with has these same doubts and fears; I did too!

It’s okay to admit to them; we are all human beings, and as skilled, educated, and intelligent as we may be, it is impossible to coach yourself!

Everyone needs support, especially those who are excellent at supporting others.

She left with these parting words, “Remember that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It shows a desire to grow and change, and it’s the first step to being able to live a life that brings you freedom and joy.

To learn more about Vicky’s BLAST method, visit her website and read about her story and the testimonials of people who are now healthy, happy, and free.


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