During the latest episode of the Fangin N Bangin Podcast with Gangrel, the former WWE superstar spoke about AEW and revealed that he’s going to start helping a new signee from the company train to become a professional wrestler. Gangrel talked about how this notable person is coming down to work with him in CCW, although he hasn’t spoken directly with the person or the company about what the next steps are.

“Paige Van Zant, who’s currently signed with AEW, is coming to Coastal Championship Wrestling Training,” Gangrel said. “She’ll be a part of that training. She got a bit of food poisoning, she was supposed to start, but looking forward to that. There’s not much to say about that because I haven’t talked to her personally or any of that, but we’ll find out what the exact details are, was just told that’s where she was coming to train. Looking forward to that and seeing where that journey goes, hopefully, it’s a successful journey for all involved. “

Van Zant made an appearance on AEW Dynamite on March 9, attacking Tay Conti and officially signing her AEW contract on top of Conti in the middle of the ring. Continuing to talk about AEW, Gangrel spoke about the differences between AEW and WWE, and asked the question, “what is WWE doing that is so innovative right now?”

“AEW has got a mix of everything,” Gangrel said. “I see stuff there, they do try to build on traditional things, WWE is a little bit different. What’s WWE doing that’s so innovative? Bianca Belair hair whip? Ladder matches? They’ve always done those. “

The wrestling community paid tribute to the loss of Scott Hall this past week at the age of 63, due to complications following knee surgery. Gangrel gave his condolences to the WWE Hall of Famer and spoke about his experiences with Razor.

“He was always super kind to me, a tremendous talent,” Gangrel said. “Really broke barriers with the Razor Ramon character. I’d like to send condolences and just positive vibes and prayers to his family and friends. A great loss to the wrestling community and a very sad, very sad thing there. I didn’t hang out with him, I didn’t spend a lot of time with him but my brief encounters with him where he’s always kind and generous in the ring. He was always so giving in the ring. My condolences again, positive vibes and prayers to his family and friends. True loss, Razor Ramon, rest in peace, my friend, rest in paradise. “

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