Have you ever woken up and believed you were a different person who is more lively, energetic and bubbly? Maybe you fell asleep as simple, shy and reserved? Do you switch from one persona to another at least once a week? We have more than one shade to our personality that we often unveil at various points in our life. Even while writing this article, I feel very enthusiastic and passionate about everything around me unlike last night, when I was dreading Monday morning. If you are an observant one, then you will be able to keep a track of people’s moods and personalities, as well as your own. But have you ever been to a restaurant that changes its personality as per the time of the day? If not, then meet Rosie & Tillie!

Photo Credit: Rosie & Tillie

Rosie & Tillie is a recently opened experiential restaurant at COMMONS in DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi. The concept of polarity is rebutted as it transitions from a daytime cafe into an evening gastropub, just as morning transfigures into the night.
Meet Rosie, who has an ever-so-charming and decorous persona. Her warmth lights up the room. She brings sunshine on a brumous day and wins you over with the array of brunch options. Her curation of G & T’s, Tasty sours and Mimosas can be your perfect companions for a fun day out with friends. Meet Tillie, she’s an enigma; a mysterious aura that never fails to surprise. There’s an essence of mystique that lures you in for an enchanting experience with the curation of elegantly crafted cocktails and contemporary food.
The restaurant is the second outpost by millennial entrepreneurs Vicky Mandal and Chef Anukriti Anand after the success of ATE (Altogether Experimental) at Saiyad Ul Ajaib Extension, Saket, New Delhi.

Food At Rosie & Tillie

The all-day dining cafe looks ‘Rosie’ with an array of world-inspired breakfast favorites, craft coffee and scrumptious mains – Ham-shuka, Pea & Basil Cappelletti. The desserts are quite interesting, like Imitation Tiramisu is a boozy take with Bailey’s soaked almond jaconde, white chocolate namelaka and coffee almond tuile. As the clock ticks 7 PM, ‘Tillie’ offers a perfect blend of science and whimsy through its cocktail bar menu. Find exemplary flavors in the cocktails inspired by global traditions. With every refined plate and texture at play, the food menu takes you on a culinary journey – Eggplant Karaage with sticky pineapple teriyaki, Thai Spiced Chicken Schnitzel, Pork Me.


‘Aran-chi’ and ‘ridiculously delicious garlic focaccia’

Our Recommendations:

‘Aran-chi’ – It’s a kimchi arancini served with sweet chilli aioli. A nice way to start your meal – not only does it ignite your hunger but will also give you a hint of what’s coming next. Yes, I am talking about focaccia bread. Try their ‘ridiculously delicious garlic focaccia’, which is, as the name suggests, focaccia bread with garlic three ways with olive tapenade and compound herb butter. For chicken lovers, they have ‘chicken pop’ – a distant and delicious version of KFC chicken popcorn. Fried chicken popcorn spiced with green chillies, coriander and garlic served with spiced coconut mayo. People who like bold flavors must try this.


‘Chicken pop’ and ‘green chipotle chicken taco’


‘Cauli and waffles’

Next, I recommend their ‘green chipotle chicken taco’ – a nice amalgamation of chicken, corn and veggies. Vegetarians must try their ‘cauli and waffles’ – Korean fried cauliflower, purple cabbage kimchi and sriracha aioli. One last dish from the main dish I will definitely recommend is ‘gnocchi and citrus salad’. You must conclude your meal with ‘inverted banoffee’ or ‘imitation tiramisu’.

Where: COMMONS in DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi
Price for two: Rs 1,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol


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