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FoodChain Global, or FCG, a blockchain ecosystem focused on fighting global hunger through NFTs, P2E games, staking, and exclusive merchandise, partners with FoodForward SA, a South African nonprofit feeding those in vulnerable communities by securing food in a cost effective way. In addition to this partnership, FCG is listing its FOOD token on top tier trading platform MEXC and simultaneously launching 5,400 NFTs as part of its “Foodies” series.

Forty percent of South Africans go to sleep hungry, and 2021 IPSOS poll reveals. As the pandemic continues alongside soaring inflation and Europe grapples with the first war on its soil since the Second World War, the supply-chain crisis makes food even scarcer than it used to be, especially in developing regions.

FoodChain’s partnership with FoodForward SA unites two organizations dedicated to eradicating the plague of hunger. When FCG sells FOOD tokens on MEXC, 30 percent of the proceeds get converted to USDT, the US dollar stablecoin, which are then converted to US dollars and used to buy food. FoodForward SA uses its resources and connections on the ground in South Africa to purchase vital food products and distribute them to those suffering from food insecurity across the country’s nine provinces.

FoodChain Global continues its mission to leverage blockchain and NFTs for real-world impact by making it “make sense” to the average person. Tackling the challenge of global hunger is FCG’s primary goal. Building trust starts with transparency, which will be accomplished by traceable donations through a public blockchain address coupled with FCGs proof-of-work page showing pictures of their team doing charity work for each event.

“Our formal partnership FoodForward SA officially expands our food donations onto the African continent,” says Shawn Kurz, Founder of FoodChain Global. “We chose FoodForward SA since they are a solid boots-on-the-ground organization.”

“FoodForward SA is delighted to become one of FoodChain Global’s newest beneficiary charities,” says Deidre Adams, FoodForward SA’s Fund Development Manager. “The partnership will be a critical enabler of our work as we advance our core business of recovering good quality surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers, and redistributing this food to vulnerable communities across South Africa.”

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