For students at Illinois State University with a shared passion for food and nutrition, the Food Nutrition & Dietetics Club offers these individuals a space to learn more about the dietetics field and meet others with these common interests.

Danielle Grosman, a senior food, nutrition and dietetics, has been a member of the club since August 2019 and has studied as the club’s president since May 2021. She will also be pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition and a distance internship next year at ISU.

Upon joining the club, Grosman explained that she was excited as it offered her the opportunity to meet others with a shared passion for nutrition and that it would also bring her greater knowledge in her studies.

Danielle Grosman, president of Food Nutrition & Dietetics Club.

“I knew that by joining the FND Club, I would learn more about the field as a whole,” Grosman said.

Currently, FND has 30 members, and Grosman said the club is open to all students with an interest in food and nutrition, not just those majoring in the field.

“We welcome students majoring in all fields and promote opportunity for their growth in academics, service and leadership while they become more passionate about their field of interest,” Grosman said.

To further provide inclusivity and awareness of nutrition on campus, the club strives to collaborate with Greek life and other registered student organizations on ISU’s campus to “educate students on various nutrition topics, such as eating disorders and pre and post-exercise nutrition,” Grosman said.

Serving as the president of the club has allowed Grosman to advance her personal and leadership skills while gaining knowledge in networking and interacting with others.

Some of the people she works with include members of the club, guest speakers who attend meetings and professors at the university.

“Being the president of the Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Club has helped me build my confidence in my leadership skills, organization of others by delegating the executive board, growing as a public speaker over the past semester and a half and speaking and communicating professionally, “Grosman said.

Grosman explained that her membership in the club has offered her many rewarding experiences, such as obtaining experience in volunteer work on the ISU campus and the Bloomington-Normal community, meeting and interacting with registered dietitians and making friendships with other members.

However, she explained that her favorite and most memorable experience throughout her membership has been the club’s cooking competition, which she planned with the club’s executive board.

Members could submit recipes that were anonymously posted to the club’s Instagram account and then like the recipe that was their favorite.

“The member who submitted the recipe with the highest number of likes led other members in cooking their recipe in the Foods Lab in Turner Hall,” Grosman said. “The purpose of the cooking competition was to give a member leadership experience in a fun, interactive way.”

As the university has implemented more inclusive dining options on campus, Grosman said that although this progress has not gone unnoticed by the club, they are hopeful these dining options will increase.

“Great progress has already been made by the Event Management, Dining and Hospitality staff toward this inclusivity, and we are confident that even greater strides will be made in the future,” Grosman said.

“The FND Club would love for ISU to expand its dining options for students with food allergies, intolerances and different preferences so everyone could feel included while dining in our dining halls,” Grosman said.

FND hosts meetings from 7 to 8 pm every other Tuesday in Turner Hall, room 212. Its sixth spring meeting will occur March 29.

Grosman said the club’s upcoming meetings will feature a school food service dietician and local registered dieticians.

The club will also attend ISU’s NutriFest 2022, from 11:30 am to 2 pm April 20.

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