Little Caesar’s, 1834 Lafayette Ave. – (3 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Found prepped pizza racks without time markings. Found built up dirt and debris on and inside front kitchen hand wash sink. Found chemical cleaner stored on rack with clean dishes, single use gloves, plastic lids and cheese cup holders.

Penn Station # 194, 2566 E. Wabash Ave. – (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Observed par fried french fries setting out at room temperature. Plastic bins found with brown residue and greasy film. Stainless steel sheet pans found with burnt on debris and greasy film. Pepperoni, salami and smokehouse pit ham chubs found opened and without a date marking.

Sunrise Family Restaurant, 2494 S. Fifth St. – (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Observed raw fish fillets and pork chops above ready to eat foods in walk-in cooler. Hot water valve at hand wash sink turned off due to leak.

MCL Cafeteria, 3 Meadows Ln. – (2 Critical) Soda gun nozzle, interior ice machine and ice chute in carry out, all found with accumulated debris. Pulled pork, dressing, roast beef in walk-in cooler found without date markings.

Subway # 7482, 3206 Wabash Ave. – (2 Critical) Found sliced ​​turkey and ham packages on prep table between 45 degrees and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed accumulated debris in ice chute in soda fountain in seating area.

Big Willy’s Townhouse, 1724 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Heads of lettuce in walk-in cooler found spoiled and slimy.

Golden Corral, 10 W. Johnson Dr. – (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Fried chicken, potatoes medley and oven baked fish on hot bar found at 99-117 ° F; shall be 135 ° F or above.

Wendy’s No. 29590, 2835 E. Wabash Ave. – (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Soda nozzles in lobby found unclean.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 2645 Toe Fox St. – (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Found employees opened can of Starbucks coffee stored in kitchen refrigerator with breakfast foods and dairy products.

Subway # 38958, 2399 S. Indiana 46 – (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Soda nozzles found with accumulated debris.

Vigo Market, 1301 Poplar St. – (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Ice machine, ice chutes, soda nozzles and cappuccino nozzles observed with accumulated debris.

Burger King # 129, 3087 E. Wabash Ave. – (1 Critical) Observed several wiping cloths buckets and 3 bay sink with low levels of sanitizer.

Fox Grocery, 6869 N. Clinton St. – (1 Critical) Several food items (meats, cheese and salads) found without date markings in display case.

Subway # 6334, 1205 N. Fruitridge Ave. – (1 Critical) Observed accumulated debris in ice machine in kitchen prep area.

Sycamore Manor, 222 S. 25th St. – (1 Critical) Water temperature in mechanical dishwasher measured at 153 ° F; shall be at least 160 ° F.

Taco Bell # 3001036, 2105 N. Lafayette Ave. – (1 Critical) Soda nozzles found with accumulated debris.

Wendy’s # 38260, 2049 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Critical) Found open can of monster being stored in refrigerator at sandwich station.

Quickpik, Ink, 3230 Wabash Ave. – (2 Non-Critical)

The Bush Family Restaurant, 932 Locust St. – (1 Non-Critical)

Circle K # 2255, 1280 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Circle K # 2428, 2219 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Citgo Food Mart, 743 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Dollar General, 4050 N. 25th St. – (1 Non-Critical)

Expressway Mart, 2455 Lafayette Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Subway # 6334, 1205 N. Fruitridge Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Sweet Lou’s Pizzeria LLC, 8567 E. Wabash Ave. – (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with No Violations

Big Shooters, 2938 N. 16th St.

Burger King # 1302116 Lafayette Ave.

Canteen Vending, 1219 N. Fruitridge Ave.

Chum Chariot, 7649 E. County Rd. 975 N. Shelburn

Dedicated Health1360 Lafayette Ave.

Deming Learning Center, 1750 8th Ave.

Dollar General, 5781 N. Clinton Rd.

The Elm Grove, 5142 N. Clinton St.

Family Dollar # 32222, 8153 Rosedale Rd.

Family Dollar # 4059, 1400 Poplar St.

Fishes and Loaves Soup Kitchen (Ryves Hall), 1356 Locust St. (Lower Level)

Homes 2 Suites by Hilton2625 Lucy Jane Lane

The Landing at Ft. Harrison3350 N. 4th St.

Meijer Store # 2855600 E. New Margaret Dr.

Moose Lodge # 10093708 Wabash Ave.

Murdock Auto Racing Club1640 Maple Ave.

Park Ave. Diner, 2697 E. Park Ave.

Rio Grande Elementary5555 E. Rio Grande Ave.

Rodeway Inn, 400 S. 3rd St.

St. Patrick’s Lunch Program, 1807 Poplar St.

St. Patrick’s School Cafeteria, 449 S. 19th St.

Saratoga / Azar Catering, 431 Wabash Ave.

Seasons Campground, 5995 E. Sony Dr.

Southside Nutrition, 5785 S. US Hwy. 41

Starbuck’s Coffee # 54748, 5510 E. New Margaret Ave.

Vigo County Head Start, 705 S. 5th St.

Walgreens # 09711, 2040 Lafayette Ave.

Woodrow Wilson Middle School301 S. 25th St.


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