The open corridors in Chhatarpur’s sprawling The Dhan Mill compound were abuzz with music and excited chatter on Saturday afternoon. A selection of stalls with food, drinks, decor, stationery, apparel, and more, were set up as part of the Spring Edition of The Dhan Fest — a two-day event organized by The Marigold Events that will continue till 8pm today.

Venu Sharma, an attendee we met on day one of the fest, mentioned she had never heard about the Fest prior to attending it. Glad to be there, the Noida resident — she was visiting the event with her husband Vikram Sharma — added that she was happy that events such as The Dhan Fest were finally happening. “The pop-ups immediately caught my eye. These up-and-coming brands have such diverse and unique collections, which are different from the usual ones that we always get to see. It is a great way to explore new fashion as well as food, ”Venu shared.

Patrons browsing through a
number of stalls at the Fest;

An eclectic blend
The Fest featured an array of brands ranging from apparel to home decor as well as self-care, stationery, and baked goods. Along with handmade pies from the home gourmet kitchen La Croute India and bubble tea from Humayunpur’s Got Tea Bubble Brew Co, we noticed delectable treats from baking start-up When Chai Met Coffee founded by Kriti Hasija. A Gurugram resident, Hasija started this venture in 2019. The stall featured a number of baked goodies such as croissants and cheesecakes that had been handmade by Hasija.

Another brand that caught our attention was sustainable fashion brand Cosset Clothing by Gurugram-based sister duo Shriya Suri and Isha Suri, who were making their debut at The Dhan Fest. Cosset Clothing — it was launched in April 2021 — had a range of ensembles made from natural fabrics such as a blend of cotton with orange peel, bamboo, etc.

“In the past few years, every brand has come up with fast fashion products. However, the problem with this type of fashion is that it changes with trends. We wanted to make something long-lasting, ”Shriya pointed out.

Brands specializing in stationery that were part of the fest included Black and Gold by Gunjan Kureel with its impressive display of products in black with gold and silver designs. We also spotted a stall by home décor and accessories brand House of Spade by Ghaziabad-resident Dimcy Madaan, who was selling hand-embroidered artworks that are created by a Kolkata-based artisan cluster.

A vibe of its own
Given all COVID-related restrictions have been lifted in Delhi, eager citizens flocked to The Dhan Fest, which was canceled in December last year due to the rise in cases. Being part of the Fest on Saturday, it looked like the city was back on its feet. Sanchit Saluja and Deepak Parashar, who attended the first day of this event, elaborated that the vibe of the fest is what attracted the duo. “This is what makes Delhi what it is. To be able to enjoy oneself completely while listening to good music, having beer, and browsing, ”concluded Saluja.

WHAT: The Dhan Fest
WHEN: Ending today, 8:00 pm
WHERE: The Dhan Mill Compoud, Chhatarpur


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