The ever-evolving and visually noisy landscape of food retailing relentlessly challenge manufacturers and retailers alike to stay nimble, be on-trend, create differentiation and drive revenue growth.

Excitingly, there’s a now new player on the national FMCG scene, Food Equity Group, which ticks every one of these boxes and more, in its own unique way.

Working under the radar for the past three years, Food Equity Group has been innovating products and brands and building a fully integrated support team that offers retail stores an exciting new holistic solution to engaging and converting their customers into ongoing sales growth.

Food Equity Group’s new-age hybrid ‘supply and support’ model is at the forefront of a mindset change in the market, which sees it supplying trendsetting new products through its disruptive brands and supporting its awareness and growth with retailers through clever consumer-engaging marketing strategies and community-based initiatives – all serviced by its own national sales and distribution network.

The engine room of Food Equity Group’s strategy is driven by its diverse in-house capabilities across consumer insights, product development, creative design, photography and videography, digital marketing, supply chain, distribution and merchandise sales solutions, which are focused on servicing and supporting retailers.

Food Equity Group’s CEO, Graeme McCormack, said: “We’ve extensively reviewed the FMCG landscape and have strategically created a team capability to engage with the market and retailers in a more dynamic and effective way. At the heart of our service offer are differentiated premium products which are fully supported by disruptive brands and dynamic in-store and digital marketing. “

Store Manager of IGA Pitt Town, Moneeb Shakil, agrees: “We’ve just launched Food Equity Group’s new eye-catching Sticky Addiction and Smoky Addiction ranges to great success! The on-going support they’ve provided with free branded fridges and in-store signage has been fantastic. “

McCormack added: “Our business is set-up to continually innovate, launch and support new retail brands and products going forward, so our Sticky Addiction (chicken wings), Smoky Addiction (American BBQ) and Shaky Addiction (flavored seasoning) ranges are just the beginning, with us already having more new brands and product ranges in the pipeline. “

Food Equity Group has also commenced bespoke product development and supply for a number of retail groups, further elevating its unique business model and overall approach and position in the FMCG market.

So be on the lookout for Food Equity Group’s launch retail brands below, and remember, that’s just the beginning for the company….

Smoky addiction: All-Australian American BBQ

Smoky Addiction’s fully-cooked range overcomes all the traditional American BBQ complexities and day-to-day time pressures by providing a simple ‘heat-and-devour’ solution that consumers can do in any oven or barbeque, anywhere, anytime.

Sticky addiction: Saucy Super Wings

Sticky Addiction offers an exciting new on-trend premium range of fully-cooked chicken wings where all the hard work and prep has been done for the consumer; simply heat and demolish.

Shaky addiction: Flavored Seasonings

Best mates with chips and wedges, Shaky Addiction catapults boring old chicken salt into the stratosphere by offering an innovative new range of flavored seasonings which are perfect for fried foods.

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