TRAVEL sickness is a curse for many Brits, but there are some simple tricks that can curb nausea almost instantly.

Some flight attendants have revealed the best way to avoid feeling sick on a plane, and they’ll work for car and ferry travel too.


Flight attendants have revealed their top tips to help passengers avoid feeling sick while travelingCredit: Getty

It turns out there are a number of ways to ease nausea, from what to drink and where to sit, to placing a cold compress on the back of your neck.

A flight attendant who goes by the name of u / gutters1ut on Reddit responded to the question: “What sort of things do flight attendants do if a passenger turns out to have significant air sickness?”

They replied: “Move the passenger somewhere more comfortable if it’s possible, such as an empty row. Open up the air vent and place a cold, wet towel on their neck.

“If they start feeling better, sometimes small sips of ginger ale or sprite is good.”

Another flight attendant added: “Turn air on them – cold air lowers the risk of airsickness which is why planes are kept on the cooler side.

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“Also space, if you can get them a row to themselves or if it’s safe to be up, let them occupy a toilet for a while.”

While it might seem counterintuitive to eat something while feeling sick, it turns out there are some snacks which can ease nausea.

Flight attendant James Wysong recommends nauseous passengers dry their mouth out, as it will help you feel less sick.

He told NBC News: “Eat dry crackers or olives or suck on a lemon – anything to dry out the mouth and lessen the feelings of nausea.”

Another flight attendant revealed a strange trick that they used themselves after suffering from food poisoning while in the air.

They said: “If you’re in flight, pour a coke into a cup, then pass it back and forth from one cup to another 10 times.

“By the tenth pass it should basically be flat. Have the sick person sip on the flat coke very slowly. It helped me.”

While another member of cabin crew explained that citrus helps people who are feeling sick.

They wrote: “I learned a trick from another flight attendant to spread the juice of a lemon or lime on a hot cup and to give it to the passenger to smell.

“Passengers have told me it has calmed their nausea down in the past.”

Sun Online Travel previously shared a pilot’s best tips to avoid feeling sick while going through turbulence.

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And a flight attendant has revealed the one item they always travel with to save money – and avoid getting sick.

If you want to plan your meals ahead, this is the food and drink you should avoid taking on a plane – and the ones you should take instead.

Moving to an empty row, putting a cold towel on your neck and getting some cool air can help with motion sickness


Moving to an empty row, putting a cold towel on your neck and getting some cool air can help with motion sicknessCredit: Getty

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