CHRIS MORELLI / THE EXPRESS Felicity’s Pet Supplies, located at 2022 Axemann Road in Bellefonte has a variety of pet gear to keep your pet warm during cold weather.

BELLEFONTE – A new Bellefonte business is already making an impact on the community.

Felicity’s Pet Supplies, which has been in business for a little over three months, is filling a void and helping pet shelters along the way. Owner and operator Sheena Kirkwood said that she had been wanting to open a pet supply store for awhile now.

“I noticed there were no pet supply stores in the area and Bellefonte really needed one,” Kirkwood said. “Growing up, I always had an interest in nutrition, so that’s kind of a big thing here. We want all of the foods to be healthy and nutritious for healthier pets. “

With that in mind, Kirkwood carries high-quality, top of the line pet foods. There are both dry and wet options. You’ll find food at Felicity’s Pet Supplies that you won’t find on the shelves of the big box stores.

“There’s a lot of bad stuff out there. We just want to educate the community on how we can have healthier pets. They’re starting to get sicker, and there’s a reason why, “ Kirkwood said.

CHRIS MORELLI / THE EXPRESS Felicity’s Pet Supplies has an entire wall of collars and leashes for your pet.

She said that many people think that special pet foods cost more – and they do. However, there is a big but involved.

“With higher quality food, you will feed less because it is highly digestible. The more digestible the food is, you’re going to feed less. A lot of times, that amount (of money) ends up what you may be spending already, “ Kirkwood said.

According to Kirkwood, the response to the store has been good thus far.

“People are still learning that we are here, but the response has been really good. It’s good to have that conversation with somebody, so that we can talk about food, what’s in it and why something else might be better. People are very brand-loyal, that it can be tough to have that conversation, but that’s why we’re here. We like to talk about it, “ Kirkwood said.

In addition to food and healthy treats, the store also carries a full line of, well, supplies. From dog collars to chew toys and everything in between, chances are that Felicity’s Pet Supplies has it. For now, Kirkwood is just stocking dog and cat food and supplies only, but that may be changing in the future.

CHRIS MORELLI / THE EXPRESS There are numerous healthy pet foods on the market. Find a wide variety of them at Felicity’s Pet Supplies in Bellefonte.

“We have collars, leashes, toys… we’re specifically cat and dog at the moment. I’d like to get into small animals in the future. I’ve definitely seen a need for it, “ Kirkwood said.

Felicity’s Pet Supplies is located at 2022 Axemann Road in Bellefonte. The shop has its own space, but is a stone’s throw from Axemann Brewery and Titan Market.

“I am really excited about the growth. Axemann Brewery is definitely bringing in a lot of people, Titan Market is fantastic and when they have special events the parking lot is completely packed. That’s definitely great for us, “ Kirkwood said.

Kirkwood is originally from State College but moved to Bellefonte “About six years ago.”

“We really love it here,” Kirkwood said. “We can walk right downtown and I love the atmosphere, the people… it’s really great.”

The store is named after her rescue, Felicity, a pooch she rescued three years ago. According to Kirkwood, Felicity is the store’s unofficial mascot. On Saturday, Felicity was napping behind the counter before being summoned for a photo shoot.

“Felicity is a rescue dog, so that’s a big passion of mine,” Kirkwood said. “I just love animals.”

At the entrance of the store, there is a large chest to collect donations for area shelters, such as PAWS and Pets Come First.

“We are always rotating through the local animal shelters. At any point someone can bring in whatever they may have to donate. They take anything at all… open bags of food, anything. Animals in these shelters don’t have a whole lot. Anything can people can donate really helps. People love to donate food and toys, but they’re also looking for things like paper towels and cleaning supplies, “ Kirkwood said of the shelters.

According to Kirkwood, Felicity’s Pet Supplies has three employees. It is open seven days a week. Weekdays, the hours are from 9 am to 7 pm Saturday hours are 9 am to 6 pm On Sunday, the store is open from 10 am to 4 pm

For more information about Felicity’s Pet Supplies, visit or visit their Facebook page.

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