There is only one contested election for the Menomonee Falls Village Board. Seat 5 incumbent Steve Taggart is seeking re-election while Dan Schwind is seeking to join the board. Both candidates recently responded to questions from the Express News. Below are their responses.

Personal information: Both Taggart and Schwind were born and raised in the village of Menomonee Falls. Taggart has been a resident for the past 31 years while Schwind has been a resident for more than 40 years while also spending his entire working career in the village.

What made you decide to seek election / re-election to the Village Board?
In response to the question, Schwind stated: “Menomonee Falls is fast becoming a destination community. Businesses have decided to come to our community to establish their companies and I want to continue to see businesses like Milwaukee Tool, and Leonardo DRS move to our community. Families have moved here because our schools are great. The next phase of Village Park is designed with families and kids in mind! Another attractive reasons for families in our area. I want to continue to support police and fire and first responders Menomonee Falls. That is why I’m running for Village Board; to make decisions that continue to benefit the residents that live and work in Menomonee Falls. “

In response to the question, Taggart stated: “It has been a great honor to serve the Village of Menomonee Falls the past three years. I have provided strong leadership that is needed to solve the issues that face the Village. As Menomonee Falls grows – we need elected representatives that work for the majority of residents, not the agenda of an administration. “

What are two to three issues facing the village that are of concern to you at this time?
In response to the question, Taggart stated: “Crime: Menomonee Falls must stay vigilant and support our Police Department as awful decisions from neighboring communities affect our Village. In 2021 I approved the hiring of 3 additional police officers to be onboarded in 2022 – the first increase in strength since 1979. “

He further stated: “Fire Department: As Menomonee Falls grows and ages our Fire Department is under increasing pressure to provide EMT services. In 2019 I Co-sponsored the establishment of the Fire Chief position and approved 6 additional Fire / EMT full time positions. In 2021 I approved a process to onboard 14 additional full-time positions in 2023. Including part time positions, the new Fire Department will have about 100 heroes working on behalf of residents. “

Taggart then added: “Taxing and Fees: Currently there is an attempt to dramatically increase fees onto Menomonee Falls businesses and homeowners. I have stood in the way of tax increases in the past and lead and lowered property taxes in 2019, a rate that has been held my entire term. “

In response to the question, Schwind stated: “Support our first responders, police and fire. We as a Village Board need to show our support. We need to increase the size of the Fire Department by hiring additional firefighters and paramedics to provide adequate coverage for the continued, increasing growth of the village to keep our residents and businesses safe. “

He further stated: “Controlled economic growth. The need to keep this on a controlled pace and creating a destination for businesses and families to work, live, and visit. Ensuring that Menomonee Falls continues to be one of the most sought after areas for business and industrial development which in turn provides jobs for our residents and protects our families. “

Schwind then added: “Challenges with old, aging infrastructure- we need to invest in road, sewer and water improvements to ensure our infrastructure meets the needs of one of the fastest growing areas in the state.”

What else so you want voters to know?
In response to the question Schwind stated: “I’m currently President of the Menomonee Falls Optimist Club which I have been a member of for the past 22 years. I’m part of the committee that has partnered with the Village of Menomonee Falls to raise funds for the second phase of the Village Park project.

He then added: I currently sit on the boards for the Menomonee Falls Food Pantry, The Chamber of Greater Menomonee Falls and Sussex, the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation. I have also been involved in with Wheeling & Healing for Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital Foundation. I have been dedicated to this community throughout my career and through organizations I belong to that continue to make the Falls a better place. I look forward to earning the families votes on April 5th and working together to make Menomonee Falls a great community for business and to live and work. “

In response to the question Taggart stated: “I am dedicated to serving Menomonee Falls, I am the only sitting Trustee to never miss an assigned meeting including special non-regular meetings. I believe Menomonee Falls deserves transparency form their government, In 2020 I approved additional broadcast segments of Village Board meetings. In 2019 I approved quarterly public meetings with the Police and Fire Departments. These meetings were previously denied only months prior to my election. “

-Candidate responses compiled by Thomas J. McKillen, Managing Editor

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