The irony of seeing righteous patriotism emerge like cherry blossoms in April in Washington, DC, out of the blue: Democrats are concerned about borders, human rights, arming civilians, sovereignty and freedom. Oh, not in America, but in Ukraine. The politically correct view of the day is to stand with Ukraine, or you are an agent of the Kremlin.

Absolutely! We should all feel around the globe that personal freedoms have been given to us by God, not any government agency. But where were those sentiments from Democrats since the beginning of the pandemic? Why are the freedoms of choice forgotten when it pertains to the sovereignty of your own body when vaccines and masks are mandated by the government? Government forced curtailment of your employment if you did not submit to vaccines; however, did government withhold food stamps and welfare checks from recipients until they had proof of vaccinations? I think not!

Are we really a democracy? We must realize that since we have been under “one party rule” that we more resemble an “oligarchy.” With very few exceptions, during the Biden administration, nothing has been accomplished in the turmoil in DC – a few brave souls like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema stand up to the plate, but others shirk their duties and fade into the shadows. As individual Americans, our voice has been silenced when the rule of law was dismissed, and executive orders and mandates replaced the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And lest we forget, the US is actually a republic, not a democracy. Learn the difference!

Democrats are very concerned about the borders in Europe; both ground and air space must not be violated while attempting to supply Ukraine with supplies. The hypocrisy is astonishing. Over three million illegal aliens crossed our southern border unfettered last year disregarding our most basic laws pertaining to immigration, bringing with them all things illegal and prohibited in the US The same politicians who profess concern and empathy for the Ukrainians are withholding domestic oil supplies from this nation as a form of control to our citizens and suppress domestic commerce.

The American political class that now stands for democracy in Ukraine all stood in silence when Trudeau began persecuting actual peaceful protestors who were voicing their concerns about vaccine mandates. A recent poll from Trafalgar Group showed that 65 percent of Democrats agreed that Trudeau was justified in seizing the protestors’ assets for practicing their freedom of speech.

If you need proof, Biden has proposed that we once again buy our oil from Iran, a nation that is a devout enemy that chants “death to America,” instead of bumping up domestic production and completing the Keystone XL pipeline to purchase oil from Canada . Furthermore, oil is oil, no matter where on the planet you retrieve it from, why not do it with friendly neighbors controlled through a pipeline instead of hostile enemies transporting it in tanker ships?


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