Eliminate the struggle of storing food in poor-quality food containers with the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh containers. Their lids stretch to increase volume and height.

Store leftovers, whole vegetables, and more with the Deline Flex’n Fresh. These stretchable food containers extend to 200% of their height while their lids provide 50% more volume. Super durable, you can stretch them up to 10,000 times without breakage.

Some foods — like roast chicken, whole apples, and cookies — are a little awkwardly shaped, making them a challenge to store in containers. If you’re tired of moving your food from one container to the next — and cracking a lid in the process — check out the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh.

Stretch these lids to fit your food

Got a roast chicken to store but can’t fit the lid over your plastic food container? These kitchen gadgets solve the problem with their patented stretchable lids. According to the company, these lids increase the container’s volume by 50% and extend to 200% of their height.

So instead of transporting a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the largest plastic container you own, you can simply place them in a DeliOne Flex’n Fresh container and stretch the lid to fit snuggly over them.

The same is true for larger foods like whole onions or a head of broccoli — these containers stretch to fit pretty much any food.

DeliOne Flex n Fresh
DeliOne Flex’n Fresh on a kitchen counter

Don’t worry; these flexible containers can take deformation

Even better, the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh can withstand all the use. The company’s Kickstarter page writes that you can stretch these containers up to 10,000 times without a break or crack, thanks to their high deformation tolerance.

This benefit is in contrast to food storage containers, which get damaged easily under extra pressure or force.

Meanwhile, these stretchable food containers are also 100% leakproof; they can actully hold your soup without causing any spills. It’s all due to durable shrink film, which passes the puncture test.

Check out the overmold technology

So what, exactly, makes DeliOne Flex’n Fresh containers so flexible and durable? The answer is overmold technology. The lids’ cover features platinum liquid silicone, a premium transparent material similar to glass.

The company’s Kickstarter page writes that these storage accessories’ frames and covers were designed using overmold technology, which means they are actually 1 piece instead of 2. This prevents the latches from falling off or harboring bacteria.

Secure your food with high-quality Japanese material

When sourcing material for these flexible food containers, the company decided on Japanese-grade material for its food contact safety and premium quality.

Meanwhile, the material is dishwasher safe and temperature safe up to 428 ° F. So you can place hot and freshly cooked meals into these containers without any issues.

Go for chemical-safe and BPA-free food containers

If you’re toxin conscious, you’ll be happy to know that the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh containers are free of BPA and harmful chemicals. So you can use them without fear for your health.

Choose long-lasting food storage containers

Tired of plastic containers that last only a year or 2 before they break or their latches fall off? Not only is that tough on your wallet, but throwing away the plastic has a huge, unfortunate impact on the environment.

On the other hand, these stretchable food containers are designed to last, due to the high-quality film in their lids. You can expect extended, consistent use and prevent broken plastics from ending up in landfills and waterways.

Get DeliOne Flex’n Fresh containers in 4 different sizes

Whether you want to store / transport whole apples or an oversized sandwich, there’s a DeliOne Flex’n Fresh size to fit your needs.

In fact, they’re available in 4 sizes — Large (8 cups), Medium (4.5 cups), Small (3 cups), and Mini (1.6 cups). So from large to tiny, these containers give you flexibility.

Enjoy a beautiful design

By now, it’s easy to see that not all food containers have the same quality. But the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh also wins in terms of design. Available in lovely colors like Coral, Teal, Artic, and Premium Glossy, they fit your style and personality.

Read our final thoughts

If you’re looking for a better food storage solution, the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh containers fit the bill. These stretchable food containers provide a flexible option, giving you more volume and height. Add it to your kitchen cupboards to replace inadequate food containers.

Preorder the DeliOne Flex’n Fresh for $ 26 on Kickstarter. Would you use this gadget? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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