The former Prime Minister is helping out the Red Cross in delivering much needed humanitarian aid to Ukraine. With the war now entering its fourth week, and over three million refugees displaced from their homes in the now war-torn country, multiple agencies and charities are rushing to help those in need.

Taking to Twitter to share his endeavors in helping those in need, Mr Cameron is pictured in the cab of what appears to be a truck.

Adding to the photo, the former Prime Minister wrote: “I’m currently driving to Poland with two Chippy Larder colleagues to make our delivery to the Red Cross.

“It’s going to be a long drive, but I’ll keep you updated along the way.”

Mr Cameron ends the tweet with the now-viral hashtag “Stand with Ukraine.”

However, the former Prime Minister’s efforts were met with mixed reactions.

Carol Livingstone said: “How long have you had the appropriate HGV license, Mr Cameron?

“Or are you just posing in this picture?”

This was reflected by Vaughan Bellamy-Williams who said: “I didn’t know the former PM had an HGV license.”

Whilst Dexter Tempest said: “Make sure you’re got your Brexit paperwork in order Dave.

“It’s not as easy as it used to be.”

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Jan managed to squeeze in a jibe about Brexit in replying to Mr Cameron.

She said: “With your beautiful blue passport, I assume.

“I hope you have all the correct paperwork, Dave.

“You do know we don’t have freedom of movement now, don’t you?”

However, not all was doom and gloom as many took the opportunity to praise the former Conservative Party leader.

Also replying to Mr Cameron, Julian AL said: “To everyone mocking him, what are you doing?

“I’m all for criticizing what he did wrong.

“But he’s doing something good here or at least trying.

Judith Dickinson simply said; “Well done Sir!”

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Anna F. La Lena said: “I am speechless, but not wordless: Thank you very much for your community work and driving to Poland with the generosity of the West Oxfordshire people.

“Former Government officials don’t usually volunteer and get their hands dirty. May we all follow your example. “

Daria also replied to Mr Cameron saying: “Well done, Brexit wasn’t something you can be proud of but anything will help these people right now.

“NATO turned its back on Ukraine, devastating, please do what you are doing, lead by example.

“Poland needs any help to help Ukrainians, hope Germany and France will do something too.”

Sir Bob Neil MP said: “Good luck David, it’s a good cause.”

Jimbo ended by saying: “Not ordinarily a fan, but credit where it’s due.

“Good luck and fair play for this Mr Cameron.”

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The former Prime Minister also stated on his Twitter account since leaving office, he has been a volunteer at a community food project.

Also writing on Twitter, Mr Cameron said: “For the last two years I’ve been volunteering each week at the Chippy Larder, a food project in my local town, which helps low-income families with surplus food from supermarkets (and cuts food waste at the same time). “

The post was accompanied by a photo of Mr Cameron in the food bank.

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