hen you are limited to only being able to eat certain foods, it can often feel like you’re missing out.

From researching a restaurant menu in advance to check whether there are suitable dishes, to staring jealousy at someone eating something you can’t, these little stresses add up.

However, in the UK it is estimated that 32 percent of the population have some form of food intolerance, with coeliac disease affecting as many as one in 100 people. As awareness of this disease grows, coeliac sufferers are able to find more food alternatives today than ever before.

Nonetheless, gluten-free cooking has regularly been reduced to simply sourcing gluten-free alternatives to staples such as bread and pasta. But we believe that having a food intolerence shouldn’t have to result in a perpetual search for underwhelming switch-ups. Instead we should embrace the foods we can eat and strive to create delicious dishes for every and any craving.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gluten-free cookbooks out there that prove you don’t have to compromise on quality or taste just because of a restrictive diet.

So, whether you have coeliac disease or are just looking to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet, we’ve got recipes ranging from quick and simple meals to comfort food to elaborate dishes set to impress at your next dinner party.

The Gluten-Free cookbook


If there was a gluten-free cookbook bible, this book would be it. Featuring over 350 recipes from 80 countries, this book provides great ideas for meals, snacks and desserts that can be enjoyed by all. The book focuses predominantly on using fresh ingredients as opposed to gluten-free alternatives.

Good Without Gluten


If, like us, you are a huge fan of french patisseries then this little book is a handy guide on making some of the most-loved pastries gluten free by using a clever mix of flours and cereals. Created by the chefs at Parisian restaurant, NoGlu, this cookbook features over 65 recipes with most of them also being lactose-free.

How to be Gluten-Free and Keep Your Friends


This tongue-in-cheek book provides great recipes for those who are hosting meals for many or cooking for a big family. Not only do we love all of the 50 delicious and globally inspired recipes, but the tips and advice for sufferers of coeliac disease can provide much needed comfort and helps make sure your diet doesn’t stop you missing out. We’re sure this book will help you win over all your non gluten-free friends.

How to Make Anything Gluten Free


If you’ve recently switched to a gluten-free diet, you may be experiencing a lot of cravings for food you can no longer eat and this book is all about embracing those cravings and not letting gluten-free get in the way. From cheesecakes and pizzas to doughnuts, this book is a true comfort food delight and author, Becky Excell, shows how anything can be turned into a gluten-free equivalent without compromising on taste.

True Comfort


If your shift to a gluten-free diet has occurred as part of a transition to a healthier lifestyle, then this book comes in handy as many recipes are not only gluten-free but also free of refined sugar. However, this doesn’t mean boring soups and salads; in fact quite the opposite as this cookbook is all about healthy comfort food and includes recipes such as Oat Crust Chicken Pot Pie and Orange Olive Oil Cake.

How to Bake Anything Gluten Free


Is there anything better than tucking into your favorite cake or dessert after a long day? Well this cookbook will help turn all those yummy treats into gluten-free goodies that will blow you, your friends and family away. This cookbook includes recipes for brownies, rainbow cakes and red velvet cupcakes that amazingly are also dairy-free and veggie.

The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook


The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook is perfect for those short on time but still wanting to cook tasty and satisfying meals. These recipes are simple and fuss-free with many of them being perfect for a whole family, catering to a whole host of dietary requirements. They also take on average 30 minutes, require just one pot or pan and can be made with five or less main ingredients, ideal if you’re looking to throw a meal together quickly after work with just store cupboard essentials.

The Everything Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cookbook


Featuring 300 recipes which are all gluten-free and dairy-free, this book is great for those with multiple food intolerances or allergies. The helpful advice along the way in this cookbook also makes it a useful practical guide on how to live with intolerances. We found many of these recipes were fairly simple so if you’re looking for something that will please the whole family or are quick to whip up after a busy day than this cookbook is just right.

Celiac Disease Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed


This book is great for anyone that has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease or has shifted to a gluten-free diet. Not only does it feature 75 recipes but it also has a seven day meal plan to help you get started on your no gluten journey. The book also offers practical advice such as a list of foods to avoid and real life stories to help you feel less alone or daunted by a gluten-free lifestyle.


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