When everyday homemade food gets a bit too mundane, our taste buds start hankering for something different. But sadly, now even Italian and Chinese foods have become repetitive. There are times when we want to surprise our palate and there’s nothing better than exploring new cuisines that we have already not eaten too much of. If you too agree with us then we would suggest you to try out Mediterranean cuisine and that too from a place that offers authentic food replete with great flavors. I recently tried Baris restaurant that specialises in Eastern Mediterranean & Middle Eastern cuisines, and I must admit, the eatery quite impressed me.

Baris restaurant is nestled in GK2 and is beautifully done. Its lavish and rich ambience including serene rooftop alfresco setting will instantly transport you to a vacation in Turkey.

Coming to food, I tried their Turkish menu and here’s my experience:

I kick-started my meal with their Turkish Mezze Platter which had different kinds of dips paired with Turkish breads. All the dips, individually and combined together, tasted good with the soft and spongy bread, but the hummus stood out from the rest. Next came Adana Kebab – grilled lamb kebabs served with pickled red cabbage. The kebabs were juicy, fiery and oh-so flavourful. I moved on to Karides Shish – prawns wrapped in thinly sliced ​​bacon served with veggies on the side. The prawns were soft, cooked well and tasted pretty good with the accompaniments in tow.

These appetisers worked up my appetite for mains, and thankfully, the best was yet to come. Ispanakli Pride Pizza – a Turkish pizza in oval shape turned out to be the best of the lot. This unique pizza had a certain freshness to it that just made the heat more bearable. So, this pizza is my top recommendation. I also tried Turkish Biryani which proved to be good change for my taste buds. It was tangy, full of flavors with juicy meat pieces making it a great meal. However, I would not deem it better than our classic Indian biryanis; but if you are looking for a change, this biryani is a good option.

I ended my meal on a sweet note with Baklava Duo – an obvious choice for dessert, and I wasn’t disappointed. The baklava was flaky, sweet, rich and soft – all in the right proportions.
I would definitely go back to Baris restaurant whenever the craving for Mediterranean food will arise.

What: Baris
Where: Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, GK 2 Main Rd, Masjid Moth, New Delhi
When: 12:30 pm – 12midnight
Cost: INR 2,000 for two people (approx.)


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