In March of 2019 at a Reno, Nev., Airport, Safari Pearl co-owner Kathy Sprague posted on the comic store’s Facebook page offering food to those in need and inviting the public to drop food off at the store so it can be distributed. Safari Pearl started distributing the food from the store to those in need, but the food donations became too much for the store to handle. Enter West Side Food Pantry, which Inland Oasis opened at its community center, 730 W. Pullman Road in Moscow, behind Liberty Tax and Loans. West Side Food Pantry is open seven days a week and offers several types of food, including nonperishables, milk, eggs, cheese, meat and gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free foods for those with food allergies, Sprague said. … With practice and a little help from Twitter, both middle and high school teams in Pullman have qualified for the National Science Bowl competition hosted annually by the US Department of Energy. This is the second time in as many years that a team both from Lincoln Middle School and Pullman High School have qualified for nationals, school officials said.

Teayana Dillon is six weeks into her new job as a patrol officer with the Pullman Police Department and is still adjusting to people calling her Officer Dillon. The first time the 21-year-old introduced herself in her new role was a bit awkward. For now, Dillon is currently the only female patrol officer at the PPD – and the first woman hired there in nearly a decade – though the department does have a female detective, although she is on maternity leave. PPD also has one female recruit who was just accepted into the academy. … Rajeswari Soundararajan was named the recipient of this year’s Mayor’s Art Award in Pullman. Soundararajan is the artistic director of Sudiksha Center for Classical Arts of India in Pullman. She teaches and performs a classical dance of India called Bharatanatyam, a vibrant, energetic, colorful and soulful dance form dating back several hundred years. Since 2008, Soundararajan has showcased this cultural dance with her students through annual Sudiksha charity dance concerts.

The 39th annual Moscow Renaissance Fair starts Saturday. This year’s fair royalty are David Hall and Helen Yost. The duo hopes to use their stations to promote environmental sustainability and celebrate spring’s return. … Autumn Stewart circled the Hartung Theater lobby on her hands and knees, kicking her legs in the air behind her as she pretended to surf ocean waves like a dolphin. Seconds later, the 5-year-old girl changed her posture and attitude and rampaged through the room as a Sasquatch, then prowled, scurried and soared as a jaguar, guinea pig, cat, dog, dragon and turtle. Crouching down low and curling her limbs close to her body, she shuffled forward like she had a big shell on her back. Stewart and several other young children pretended to be animals during a movement activity at the Idaho Repertory Theater’s Spring Fling Drama Camp at the University of Idaho.


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