The hubs and I celebrated 35 years of marriage earlier this week.

We were determined to take a trip, have a getaway, and do something different. I wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia; he wanted to head up the East Coast. Both are trips we will take some day when we have more time and the weather is warmer. I was afraid we might get snowed in up north.

So we decided to head to New Orleans. An easy drive on Interstate 10, plenty of attractions, lots of great food and good music. Perfect weekend getaway.

We left Friday morning. We had a few stops to make on our way through the big city, but hoped to be to our destination by 5 pm Traffic was a nightmare. Literally. My Waze traffic app routed us off the interstate three times. We finally gave up and found an alternate route into NOLA. We found out later there had been at least two major wrecks and a fire on a bridge. Great timing on our part.

We finally arrived at the hotel at almost 7 pm, in the pouring rain. We unloaded the car, got up to the room and waited out the storm. My husband / meteorologist was watching the radar on his phone and declared the storm had passed. A quick glance out the window showed the rain had indeed stopped. We grabbed our jackets and went downstairs. As soon as we got on the street and headed to the restaurant, the skies opened again. I should know better by now than to trust him when it comes to weather.

We sprinted down the street, taking cover under random business awnings. With our destination in sight, he told me to wait under this cover and he’d go see how long the wait was. Such a gentleman, right? Until I realized he had left me with two homeless people who were smoking something and I was fairly certain they weren’t cigarettes. I decided to make a dash for the restaurant myself.

The food was good, the beer was cold and the rain had stopped when we ventured back to our hotel.

The next day was windy and cold so we spent five hours in the World War II museum. It was time well spent, but eerily close to events currently happening in the world.

As we usually do, we had a great weekend and enjoyed the time away. And when I glanced back on the calendar and saw how we had spent last year’s anniversary, I was even more grateful for our mini vacation. In 2021 we were still in the throes of repairing things after the winter storm and spent our anniversary weekend without hot water. That was not a problem this year.

Cheers to 35 years and hot water.


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