‘Always Amore’ revolves around Elizabeth (Autumn Reeser), who leaves no stones unturned to keep her late husband’s once acclaimed restaurant named ‘Cibo E Vita’ afloat and wants to keep her beloved his memory alive. Luckily, Elizabeth is not alone in her struggles. She has the support of her staff and her mother-in-law Nonna (Patty McCormack), and one of her biggest fans, daughter Sofia, but only the love and support from family members isn’t enough to run a business and restaurant. The business was already facing serious issues. Ben (Tyler Hynes), who is a career restaurant fixer. After Ben’s arrival, things started getting heated up as he was helping Elizabeth renovate the restaurant. The duo started quality time together and tried to know more about each other. Is this a sign that some romantic moments may spark between the duo? If it is so, then undoubtedly, it will be one of the sweetest love stories paired up with some delicious food that a movie can follow.

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Ben is a professional restaurant fixer who reviews businesses and helps the owners revamp the finance, items on the menu and their quality, and even the interior design and decoration. Ben is known for his creativity and skills that helped save many restaurants and their owners from huge losses. In addition, he never tried to make a lot of changes. Even the slightest upgradation brought many changes and benefits to the owners.

Elizabeth in ‘Always Amore’ (Hallmark)

However, Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she wanted any changes to her restaurant. Still, somehow she was convinced by Ben and warmed up to his ideas for the renovation and change in the menu. While working with Elizabeth, Ben learns that she has a passion for baking. So he starts encouraging and guiding her to follow her passion. Elizabeth and Ben were spending time helping each other in growing, and this was making them fall in love with each other. Although Elizabeth was a widow and a mother, Ben was ready to accept her and spend his life with her.

Under the supervision and guidance of De Laurentiis, there is great attention to every small detail of the movie. Along with the love scenes, the movie features restaurant life and Italian food and culture. I can bet you will start having cravings once you start watching the movie because it has no shortage of gorgeous food on the screen. So you might be warned to get a plate full of snacks before you start watching the movie.

Ben and amazing Italian food in ‘Always Amore’ (Hallmark)

Hallmark’s movie ‘Always Amore’ is a must-watch movie for those who believe in love and unintentionally fall in love with someone.

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