Alex and Willie were two of the most shipped characters in Julie And The Phantoms, but their blossoming romance was unfortunately cut short.

Alex and Willie’s budding romance failed to flourish in Julie And The Phantoms – here’s their relationship explained. Based on the Brazilian TV show of the same name, Julie And The Phantoms is a musical comedy-drama that aired its first and only season on Netflix in 2020. The series follows an aspiring musician and high-schooler named Julie (Madison Reyes) who has lost her passion for music following the death of her mother. However, when she accidentally summons a trio of ghosts from a ’90s band named Sunset Curve, Julie is inspired to start making music again alongside them.

Sunset Curve is made up of singer and lead guitarist Luke (Charlie Gillespie), bass player Reggie (Jeremy Shada) and drummer Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner) who all died from food poisoning after eating bad hot dogs just as they were on the cusp of stardom. While Luke and Reggie see being back in the land of the living as a second chance to achieve their dreams, Alex is confused by his new ghostly status but soon meets fellow phantom Willie (Booboo Stewart) who helps him adjust.


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The pair first met each other in the third episode of Julie And The Phantoms which saw Alex and Willie strike up a conversation after the latter accidentally skateboarded into Alex thinking he was a “lifer” (ie a living person, which ghosts can pass through). After their meet-cute, Willie revealed to Alex he died while skating through traffic and it was soon evident they were attracted to each other. They became some of the most shipped characters in Julie And The Phantoms but Alex and Willie’s burgeoning relationship was unfortunately cut short.

Booboo Stewart and Owen Patrick Joyner in Julie And The Phantoms

Willie eventually introduced Alex and the other members of Sunset Curve to a ghost named Caleb Covington who ran an exclusive venue called the Hollywood Ghost Club where the living can watch phantoms perform. The devious Caleb wanted Sunset Curve to join his house band and so put a curse on them that condemned the group to either work for him or cease to exist. As Willie led the band to Caleb, this naturally threw a wrench in his and Alex’s relationship.

Towards the end of Julie And The Phantoms, however, Alex and Willie made up after the latter apologized for his actions and explained that Caleb owns his soul. Consequently, both fans of Julie And The Phantoms and the actors that played Alex and Willie were hopeful the lovestruck duo would take their relationship to the next level in season 2 but Netflix, unfortunately, decided to cancel the show a year after its first season finale. On the upside, fans are currently campaigning to save the series in hopes that Netflix will give it a second chance. If the streamer bows to Julie And The Phantoms diehards – or if another network picks it up – no doubt Alex and Willie’s relationship would be a major focus in the second season.

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