Astronauts do really incredible things that push the limits of humanity – like eating astronaut food.

So today, while safely down on earth, I’m going to taste test some astronaut food.

What is astronaut food?

A lot of astronaut food is freeze-dried and specially packaged to last for days, weeks or months without a refrigerator.

Apparently, astronauts can get custom foods like pizza or chicken nuggets freeze-dried, but today we’re just going to stick to the basics and pick the best one.

What astronaut food can you actually buy?

On Amazon, I bought a “variety pack” of astronaut food that ended up being freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried bananas and a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich. You know, the main food groups.

How will we be grading astronaut food?

I will grade each food out of 10 points based on the following two factors:

  1. Flavor. Does it actually feel like I’m enjoying some fresh strawberries while in space? Probably not, but good flavoring will get a 5/5.

  2. Texture. Is this enjoyable to eat, or is it too chalky? Good texture that doesn’t make me want to throw up gets 5/5.

After each food is scored out of 10, I’ll share my official ranking. I hope my very dedicated audience of astronauts is excited to see the results!

The results

Strawberries: These look and taste exactly like the strawberries you get in Special K Red Berries cereal, and I 100% went through a phase where that was all I ate in the mornings. It’s a very “suburban mom” cereal, isn’t it? Good for astronauts. Score: 10/10.

Bananas: I do not like regular bananas, so it came as no surprise that I did not like freeze-dried ones. These are not like banana chips – they’re a little thicker and easier to snap in half. They kept getting stuck on my teeth. Score: 8/10.

Ice cream sandwich: It was quite jarring to go from fruits to an ice cream sandwich that felt like Styrofoam. The sandwich itself felt like the fake food that kids have in their mini kitchens. It kind of tasted that way too. Score: 4/10.

There you have it – next time you have a space mission or are just following along with whatever Jeff Bezos is doing, you’ll know what the food situation is all about.

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