The surge in fuel prices in the last two years has hit people across the country. Now, to deal with it, a Maharashtra man went kind of backwards in time — choosing a horse as his mode of transport.

After the lockdown was clamped amid the coronavirus pandemic, and public transport was stopped, Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad got himself a horse called Jigar. A video shared by OR showed him riding the horse on busy streets alongside cars and motorcycles.

“I bought it during the lockdown. My bike wasn’t functioning, petrol prices had gone up, ”the man told news agency OR about the horse he purchased for Rs 40,000.

Yusuf, who works as a lab assistant at a local college, said the mode of transport works even after the lockdown was lifted and the steep rise in petrol prices. “It keeps one fit and healthy. Also, given the rise in fuel prices, horse as a mode of transport is a feasible option, ”Yusuf added.

As the video started doing rounds on social media it garnered a lot of attention online, leaving many confused. While some joked that it gives the feeling of time travel, others wondered if maintaining the animal was as cost-effective as Yusuf claimed.

Some also argued that it was not right to use a horse as a mode of transport and dubbed it as “animal cruelty” and others wondered why he didn’t choose a bicycle.


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