Dog Named Prince Is Looking For A New Home

Every dog ​​deserves a forever home where it can be well taken care of. Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) is a volunteer-based organization that caters to the needs of dogs, including those who have not yet found their new owners.

They shared that a 7-year-old dog, Prince, is looking for a new owner on their Facebook page.


Prince is described as an energetic and friendly dog ​​who is comfortable with people of all ages and loves going on long walks.

However, prospective owners should take note of his additional medical needs.

7-year-old dog Prince gets along with people of all ages

According to SOSD Singapore’s Facebook post, Prince gets along with everyone, even kids and the elderly. Even though he may bark at visitors who enter the house for the first time, he is overall a very friendly dog.

While he is generally independent and can sleep alone at night, he can be needy when left alone at home.


Prince is also sociable with other dogs, especially if they are smaller.

Additionally, Prince is an expert hunter who likes to chase animals such as birds, chickens, cats, lizards, and frogs.

He is an energetic & well-trained dog

The 7-year-old dog is described as gentle and lively. He enjoys going outdoors for long walks and walks very quickly, sometimes tugging the leash when he gets excited.

However, his excitable nature should not pose any problems as he is very well-trained.


According to the post, he has mastered commands such as “sit”, “shake”, “down”, “roll”, and “wait”.

He is also grass-trained, which means that he knows to urinate and defecate on grass patches where it is easier to bury his excrements.

Prince requires regular heartworm medication

Prospective adopters of Prince should also take note that he is heartworm positive.

This means they should be ready to put him on a prescription diet and bring him to regular vet reviews until he recovers.


Furthermore, he also has unresolved skin issues due to food allergies.

While these health conditions do not make him any less worthy of love, his future owner should be able to cater to his additional needs adequately.

Hope a suitable owner will adopt Prince

Prince is undoubtedly a lovely dog ​​who deserves an owner who can take good care of him.

However, those interested in adopting him should only do so if they can provide for all of his needs and are compatible with his personality.

Prospective owners can sign up to adopt Prince through SOSD’s adopter sign-up form.

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Featured image adapted from SOSD Singapore on Facebook.

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