1000-lb Best Friends star Vanness Cross just opened up in a recent episode about her past as a sex worker.

In an exclusive clip of Monday’s episode of 1000-lb Best Friends, Vanness Cross and best friend Megan Crumpler met up with Dr. Connie. Vanness was there for a therapy session to help her get over her food addiction. It started with Vanness talking about how to work on her diet; However, she quickly admitted it would be hard to talk about losing weight without touching on things that happened in her past. Cross44 said, “I’ll be honest to say that I have nightmares about some things I have done in my past.”

Vanness admitted there were some things that her best friend, Meghan, knew about her past but not everything. “There are things I’ve done in my past. Things I’ve just – physically and emotionally had to do. ” Cross continued, “When it comes to the sex trade, and like, hustling. I feel so shameful at times for the fact that I’ve had to sell my body in order just to have food to provide for myself to provide for my children. ” This is not the first time Vanness has opened up about her past.

In another interview, Vanness Cross revealed that it had been almost 8 years since she last worked as a sex worker. “That was an extremely dark time in my life,” she said. “I would not have done it in any way shape or form except for the fact it was either do that or go hungry, go without clothing, go without diapers, go without rent. And while I’m thankful my circumstances have changed a lot since then, the pain really has never left me. “

Before opening up, Vanness had confided in her sister and Crumpler about her past. She admitted that her nickname during that time was Sunshine. “Men said that I brought a ray of sunshine with the things that I did,” Cross explains. “But Sunshine – she don’t give a crap about you. She’d rob you blind, she’d screw your man, she’d do whatever. And I loved her. I loved her many times because I could be her and not be Vanness. So when I would go to do these things and go to work, I would bring that b * tch out. “

Vanness has said before that talking about that part of her life is extremely hard since she has to relive it. Though she has to do it since it is related to her eating issues.

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