As the May 27 premiere of The Bob’s Burgers Movie looms closer and closer, fans are getting pumped to see one of the best fictional TV families make the leap to the big screen. It’s a big moment for fans have been loyally watching and witnessing all of the hilarious and heartfelt moments of Bob’s Burgers since 2011.

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One of the best, most quotable characters is the one and only Gene Belcher. He’s not just any 11-year-old-boy. Perhaps he is when he’s full of fart jokes, but he’s also wise beyond his years, so fans relate to him on multiple levels. Think about how amazing it would be to have Gene Belcher as a best friend.


Gene Asks The Philosophical Questions

“Would You Rather Have A Lifetime Of Regret Or An Afternoon Of Mild Disappointment?”

What kind of 11-year-old would say this? A very smart one, and everyone needs a best bud with brains. There is no reason for Gene to have this level of understanding at his age, but it’s amazing that he does.

A best friend should be someone who can pose questions like this and be challenging. This question is also loaded with perspective. Sometimes it takes a little discomfort in the present to improve things in the big picture, and apparently Gene Belcher understands this and can impart his wisdom onto others.

Gene Knows A Snack Can Make An Evening

“All I Want To Do Is Eat A Huge Dinner And Go Straight To Bed And Get Up Later For My 1 am Cheese Plate And Then Right Back To Bed.”

Gene holding a bar of Chunky Blast Offs in Bob's Burgers

Charcuterie boards and cheese plates are in right now, and Gene is staying current. Anyone could use a best friend who knows what they want and knows how to plan an evening, and clearly Gene Belcher is up to the task.

A nice meal can be a great end to a long and stressful day, and enjoying one with a best friend would be even better. And who doesn’t love a midnight snack? Gene also mentions laying down in between, so he is also promoting getting lots of good rest in between. It’s good to have a planner around.

Gene Is Motivational

“If You’re Going to Be Loud, You’ve Got To Be Proud!”

Gene is one heck of a cheerleader, which is a great quality to have in a best pal. He certainly knows how to be loud and proud himself, just like his mother Linda Belcher, so his confidence is likely very infectious.

A motivational boost can help a lot in life. Gene Belcher is definitely the type of person to be in his friend’s corner. He might stink it up while he’s there, but he’ll be there, nonetheless. The only thing better than a friend who is a cheerleader is a friend who will very loudly build their people up, and that is absolutely Gene. He himself is the loudest and proudest.

Gene Knows His Worth

“A World Without A Gene Is Not A World I Want To Live In.”

A friendship with Gene would not take much emotional energy, because he is a pretty sure of himself, happy-go-lucky individual. He clearly knows his value and his worth because he is a big fan of himself.

This quote also suggests that he is very loyal. If he doesn’t want to live in a world without Gene, he wouldn’t want that for any of his loved ones either, so he likely makes great effort to stick around and be in the lives of anyone who will have him. Food and music are probably safe ways to keep him around too though.

Gene Is Communicative

“You Should Know When You Hold Hands With Me, You’re Holding Hands With Everything I’ve Ever Eaten.”

It’s good to have a best friend who is up front. Of course being friends with Gene doesn’t mean having to hold his hand, but it’s nice that if the topic comes up, he is prepared to be forthcoming.

This quote seems like he’s being very mindful about boundaries, openness, and safety. What if Gene makes a friend with food allergies? He’s clearly a man of the people who is thinking ahead and wants everyone to know where his hands have been, without shame. That’s pretty respectable.

Gene Is Safety Conscious

“Ask Your Doctor If It’s Safe For You To Ge Fired Up Two Days In A Row.”

Gene looks out for people. If someone is getting worked up, whether it be good or bad, Gene would not want anyone to overdo it on his watch. His love and concern wouldn’t let that happen.

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This quote clearly states that Gene cares about wellbeing and wants professionals to be consulted about even the slightest things. Life moves fast and it’s easy to forget to stay up to date on doctor’s appointments and such. Gene seems like the type of friend to remind people to take care of themselves. He might have a good pediatrician recommendation too.

Gene Is Full Of Hot Takes

“Summer Is Awful. There’s Too Much Pressure To Enjoy Yourself.”

A lot of people are fans of warm weather, but Gene is not afraid to speak his truth. He clearly overthinks and gets stuck in his head like a lot of people too, and it’s very relatable when he admits the pressure gets to him.

Gene clearly wouldn’t be one of those friends who always pretends that everything is perfect on Instagram- he’s too real for that. He is not too big to admit when he gets his expectations up too high. Gene is clearly also in need of good friends himself to help him have a good time in his summer break and not let the pressure of being 11 get to him too much.

Gene Chases His Dreams

“I’m Just A Girl With A Dream Who Got Tired Of Hearing The Word No.”

Just as Gene says, he’s a girl with a dream and it’s important to have a friend to dream with. Gene would probably make one heck of a vision board. Not only is he saying he’s a dreamer, he’s stating that he doesn’t take no for an answer anymore.

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Gene has already learned by 11 what some people never learn in their whole life- to no let anyone squash his dreams. He is not going to let other people choose his destiny, he is going to create his own and be his own yes. If he’s adopted this for himself, he’ll certainly enlighten his friends with this empowering stance too.

Gene Is Body Positive

“Taking Back The Night! Respect For Women! My Body, My Rules!”

Tina, Gene, and Louise with fluorescent light in Bob's Burgers

Gene’s body positivity is such a wonderful continuing theme throughout Bob’s Burgers. He’s positive about his own body and shape and how he eats and he’s also supportive of others.

Here he is addressing his own bodily autonomy while also standing up for women at the same time, which is great since he has two sisters for siblings. Gene would make a great best friend to anyone regardless of identity, but he is clearly supportive of women’s rights and an advocate himself. And all of this at 11 years old. What are they teaching in his health class? He’s so worldly!

Gene Is A Trendsetter

Bob: Gene, What Are You Wearing?

Gene: “Trash Fashion. I Call It ‘Trash-ion.'”

Linda encourages Gene in Bob's Burgers

Gene Belcher wears trash and he doesn’t care who knows it. Gene is adventurous. He’s bold, he’s daring, he’s not afraid to set trends. He’d help his friends bravely follow his lead or encourage them to set their own trends too.

It’s great to have a friend with their finger on the pulse, paying attention to what’s in, or being bold enough to create it for themselves without caring if it takes off or not. Though he may be spotted in his yellow tee shirt and blue shorts a lot of the time, one thing is for sure, Gene Belcher will never go out of style.

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