The New Generation era of WWE was the last gasp of managers in the company. Back then, WWE emphasized having guys with a manager of some sort and some were very good. There was Jim Cornette, Sunny, Captain Lou Albano and even offbeat ones like Johnny Polo or Harvey Wippleman. They managed some great stars, often to titles, and dominated quite well in a period packed with some terrific stars.

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Yet some pairings of managers and their charges just seemed weird. Some were short-lived, others lasting longer yet seemed strange how they could work at all. The managers and the charges had almost nothing in common and seeing them together stood out in the wrong ways. While there are many odd pairings, these stand out as ten wrestler and manager pairings of the New Generation Era fans may have forgotten to remind how offbeat this time was.

10 Johnny Polo & Adam Bomb

Raven as Johnny Polo with Adam Bomb

Before rising to fame as ECW icon Raven, Scott Levy portrayed Johnny Polo, a spoiled rich kid with a mallet. He was famous for helping lead the Quebecers to the tag team titles, so it’s forgotten he had another charge in Adam Bomb.

A promising tough worker, Adam and Polo made for a weird mix with Bomb’s intensity clashing with Polo’s fun persona. It only lasted a few months before Polo passed Adam along to Harvey Wippleman, so he could concentrate on the Quebecers. It’s funny seeing Raven’s entire Polo act as it is without Adam Bomb added to it.

9 Lou Albano & The Barbarian

Captain Lou Albano with the Headshrinkers

After years away from WWE, Lou Albano made a big return by managing the Headshrinkers, Samu, and Fatu, to the tag team titles in 1994. After they lost the belts, Samu took off due to “bad food poisoning.”

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His replacement was Seone, better known as long-time midcarder the Barbarian with a different look. These new Headshrinkers did their best but never achieved the same success in the ring. The Barbarian has had a few managers over the years, yet Captain Lou remains the oddball of the bunch.


8 Sherri Martel & Marty Jannetty

Sherri and Jannetty

Shawn Michaels always credited his alliance with Sherri Martel as a key reason his first heel turn worked. From singing his theme song to holding up a mirror for him, Sherri matched Shawn well to make him a star.

That ended when Marty Jannetty returned to attack Shawn and Shawn pushed Sherri to be hit with a mirror. Sherri thus backed Marty in matches against Shawn. It didn’t last long as Jannetty was fired over some personal problems with Sherri leaving WWE not long afterward but a brief pairing for the feud.

7 Slick & Kamala

slick-kamala WWE

For a long time, the “Doctor of Style” was notable for his great humor, wonderful outfits, and great promos. In 1992, playing on real life, he transformed into a “Reverend” preaching to people. That led him to try and “civilize” Kamala, turning the famous savage into a babyface.

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That was odd enough but not helped by how the lessons included things like bowling or proper table manners. The turn didn’t quite work out as Kamala was better with Kimchee and others than a babyface Slick not suiting either of them.

6 Ted DiBiase & Nikolai Volkoff

Nikolai Volkoff as Ted DiBiase's henchman

The idea of ​​the Million Dollar Corporation was sound with Ted DiBiase putting together a pack of heels. He just made odd picks like Kama, Tatanka and others. Nikolai Volkoff was the oddest fit of them all. The veteran had hit hard times, so DiBiase mocked him (his tights had a cent symbol on them) and looked off with a full head of hair.

He was pretty much the whipping boy of the Corporation, losing constantly and weird seeing the former “Communist” wrestler managed by a pure capitalist. Nikolai was a reason the Corporation never quite worked out.

5 Clarence Mason & Davey Boy Smith / Owen Hart

Mason with Owen and Bulldog

Jim Cornette had done a great job building up Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith as a top tag team. Yet he wasn’t always their manager. At In Your House: Mind Games, Cornette was beaten down by Jose Lothario. His aide, Clarence Mason, took advantage to make himself manager for Owen and Bulldog when they defeated the Smoking Gunns for the tag team titles.

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This led to Cornette doing a wonderful tirade on “I will have you disbarred, disqualified, dismissed and any other dis I can think of!” Mason was just an odd choice to manage the pair, who eventually fired him to be on their own better than with any manager.

4 Jim Cornette & Mantaur

mantaur-aldo-montoya WWE

High on the list of acts WWE themselves make fun of today, Mantaur remains a baffling entry even for the mid-1990s. The giant fake bull head was dumb enough without the weird appearance of heavy makeup and the singlet, looking less like a bull than a guy having stomach problems.

Amazingly, WWE tried to have him put with Jim Cornette as a manager. Even “The Louisville Slugger” couldn’t find a way to get this weirdo over as, after a few terrible bouts, Mantaur vanished into the ether. This is one charge Cornette doesn’t brag about today.

3 Harvey Wippleman & Kwang

Kwang in WWE

Harvey Wippleman had a few odd clients over the years but Kwang stands out. He was one of the many failed attempts to capture a “ninja” character in wrestling, clad in a weird costume and mask and “martial arts” moves that wouldn’t pass muster on a second-rate TV show.

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There was Wippeman trying to guide this odd figure while Kwang racked up several losses. The funny part is that the man under the mask went on to become Savio Vega, making this pairing odder.

2 Mr. Fuji & Jeff Jarrett

Mr Fuji and Jeff Jarrett

The only thing more confusing than this pairing happening is that it was just for one night. Jeff Jarrett was established in WWE as a would-be country superstar who also wrestled. At the 1994 King of the Ring, Jarrett came out for a match with Lex Luger alongside Mr. Fuji, known for his sinister manner.

What connection the two had never was made clear, with Fuji aiding Jarrett by tossing salt at Luger. Jarrett lost in the next round and the pair never worked together again. Why WWE decided to pair them up in the first place remains a mystery.

1 Sunny & Faarooq


On a recent WWE Network special with JBL, Ron Simmons laughs at his debut in 1996. He was wearing an ill-fitting blue gladiator outfit with a goofy helmet and didn’t impress as a supposedly tough fighter.

Simmons also had Sunny as a manager, an odd pairing as he went after Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson. That feud ended fast when Johnson was injured and the Sunny-Farooq pairing faded. He would transform into the Nation of Domination leader to overcome this “damn” weird pairing.

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